BriteCap Review:
The Wine Lover

See how we helped Serge, the owner of The Wine Lover, build his business.


The Wine Lover


3968 Fifth Ave,
San Diego, CA 92103

BriteCap Customer Review Story

Serge grew up in a family that was passionate about wine. In college, he studied geography and took climatology classes, which gave him a unique advantage on his journey toward becoming a certified sommelier. With his brother, he bought The Wine Lover, as a way to turn his love for wine into a business. He is passionate about teaching his customers about wine one glass at a time.

Two years into the business, Serge’s refrigerator broke down. He started off by looking for a bank loan to obtain the capital he needed to replace the refrigerator. But, when he learned about BriteCap’s fast funding process through a business advisor, he decided to apply. Through BriteCap, Serge got the working capital that he needed to quickly replace his refrigerator and get back to business.

“BriteCap can help any business. I would totally recommend it!
ForwardLine's staff in on point and very eager to serve. It's kind of like us—once you're in the family, you're in the family. They give you something that is your budget. Salud to BriteCap!” — Serge Chable The Wine Lover SD