BriteCap Review:
Retro Xpress Bicycles

See how we helped Nestor, the owner of Retro Xpress Bicycles, grow his business.


Retro Xpress Bicycles


14508 Victory Blvd,
Van Nuys, CA 91411

BriteCap Customer Review Story

Nestor grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. He knew that someday, he would own his own business. When he saw a “For Lease” sign on a building in his neighborhood, he had a vision of using the space to create a community-focused bike shop. He decided to take the risk and turn his entrepreneurial dreams into a reality by leasing the space. His shop, Retro Express Bicycles, focuses on providing convenient and affordable services to everyone in the neighborhood. 

Nestor opened up his business without much capital. He grew it through a lot of hard work and dedication. “There were times that I didn’t have a lot of money in my bank account,” Nestor reminisced. “I called BriteCap to learn about their process. I found out that they were a local company located here in the valley. That gave me peace of mind.” Nestor applied for funding and quickly received the working capital that he needed to continue growing his business.  

“When I need extra money, I can pay little by little. It gives me peace of mind.
It was really quick. I submitted the application and within a couple of days, I already had the money that I needed for my expenses. It's a great company to deal with. They have really good customer service and a great team. I've been helped every time. I like the way they do business.” — Nestor Lobo Retro Xpress Bicycles