BriteCap Review:
H&A Discount Furniture

See how we helped Harry, the founder of H&A Discount Furniture, during the recession. 


H&A Discount Furniture​


11024 Victory Blvd,
North Hollywood, CA 91606



BriteCap Customer Review Story

After a career as a competitive swimmer, Harry moved to the U.S. from Colombia. He was determined to build a new career and future. One of his first jobs was doing “warehouse work” at a local furniture store. At the store, he learned about the furniture industry, while working to improve his English. With hard work and dedication, he quickly moved up the ranks. In 1998, he decided to open up his own furniture store in the heart of North Hollywood.

During the Great Recession, many of Harry’s regular customers struggled financially. “They were losing their houses, and they wanted me to buy their furniture back.” A year into the recession, Harry received a working capital offer from BriteCap. He was ready to expand his store to serve more customers. He applied for funding, and within a day, he had the working capital that he needed to expand his store.

“It was very easy!
I asked BriteCap for the money because they were protecting me; they were calling me to make sure that I had the money. The business went from 40% to 89%.” — Harry Laverde H&A Discount Furniture​