BriteCap Review:
E&E Automotive

Learn more about how BriteCap helped Edward, the founder of E&E Automotive Service, deal with seasonal cash flow fluctuations.


E&E Automotive Service


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BriteCap Customer Review Story

Edward fell in love with cars while working at his parent’s automotive repair shop as a kid. At the shop, he worked closely with his father and learned how to repair classic cars. When his father retired, he took over the shop and eventually went on to open his own shop, E&E Automotive Service, in 2009. Edward is passionate about his work because he, “has the opportunity of a lifetime to keep classic cars on the street.” He is focused on “doing whatever it takes to keep his customers happy.”

Edward is faced with the challenges of running a business that has seasonal fluctuations. “In the winter time, it kind of dies of because the classic car people, they really don’t drive their cars in the winter.” Edward has used funding from BriteCap to smooth his cash flow during slower seasons and to work on new projects. In addition, he uses BriteCap Payment Services to process credit cards in his shop. With BriteCap, Edward can focus on pouring more passion into his business.

“The application process was very simple and quick!
I got an answer back within a day and a half. The funding was deposited into my account electronically the very next day after I was approved.

BriteCap has been the actual best company that I've ever been with. I can call any moment, and I can get answers.” — Edward Evans E&E Automotive Service