Why Your Business’ Website Needs To Go From Online to Mobile App

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In an earlier post, we talked to you about what you need to know when building your business website and how important it is to always keep it updated. We also spoke about the importance of making it responsive so it’s mobile friendly. At that time, “mobile friendly” meant responsive, but now there is a new trend that you as a business owner should get on board with. Mobile friendly NOW means building a Mobile App for your website. Easier said than done? Not really. Read this article we found that explains the benefits of moving your business from online only to mobile friendly and how you can get started. And if you need funds to get your business moving in this direction we can help.

Want to gain a strategic advantage over your competitors?

The key to any successful online business model is creating a loyal audience that is not only receptive to your message but ready to use your product with an open wallet. The explosion of eCommerce has given many firms the opportunity to reach customers in ways that were never possible, with greater levels of efficiency and customization. As such, the world of internet commerce offers huge business opportunities.

If you only have a website, then it’s time to expand your online presence. Converting your website to an app is surprisingly easy these days. Whether you want to launch an app for iOS or Android or both, there are plenty of developers that can show you how to build an app that helps you penetrate your target market.

B2B, B2C, and B2G have all moved online, and the competition has moved with it. Continue Reading

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