Why Did Your SEO Budget Get Wasted – Best Practices

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Did you try Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business and it didn’t work? Here is an article we found that will help you understand why and why you should try it again with these best practices. What you will learn from this article is how to save time and money during this second round. 

SEO is powerful whether you believe in it or not. Throughout the years we have seen magic happen for our clients and gigantic returns on their investments. We were able to achieve this because we were good at it and were able to be different from the rest of the industry. We were a success because we didn’t take short cuts, and we used the combination of content, optimization, outreach, etc. However, we have seen a lot of clients, or potential clients, come to us with “scars” from performing SEO without understanding SEO best practices.

The reasons for them having “scars” and having a negative outlook about SEO are usually the same. They tried it, and it didn’t work. There are numerous reasons for this to happen, but here are the reasons it generally did not work, and why their budgets were wasted. Continue Reading

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