Small Business Owner’s Guide to Leaving Work at Work

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You’ve heard it before, don’t ever bring your work home, especially the stress of it. You may be thinking sure that’s true for your employees and the 9-5s but not you, the business owner. False, it also goes for you too. That’s right, just because you are the owner of your company doesn’t mean you should be working 24 hours a day. In a previous post, we talked about the importance of taking a vacation and this is no different. Work should stay at work and never brought home. And if your work is at home then you need to find the balance to shut down for the day. By doing this you are not only helping yourself but also your business. How? Because when you take a break from work you allow your mind to wonder in different places and directions, which could potentially bring on new ideas that can be used in your business. You may be watching or reading something that has nothing to do with your business but may bring on an innovative idea that actually could be used to better or grow your business. Remember everyone deserve a break, especially you the hard-working business owner. So do it for yourself and your business. Read the article below and find out how best to put this to play.

No matter what your job is, work can be stressful. But what if it gets so stressful you feel like you have no time to relax? You end up bringing piles of work home with you, and it starts to cut into the time you should be spending on yourself or with your friends and family.

Finding a good work-life balance can be tough, especially in the digital age when it’s so easy for your work to follow you home. Here are five tips to help you in your pursuit to a healthy work-life balance:

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