Play into the Millennial Mindset and Keep Your Employees Working for You

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Are your newest employees from the Millennial era? If you said yes, then listen up, because times have changed and the way you’re keeping your employees happy and motivated might need a much-needed makeover. Today’s generation is growing up in the technical world and they are our future workforce. That means what makes them stay in a job and keep them pumped to show up to work every day, has changed in many ways and you need to keep up. Here is a great article that will give you some pointers to help you keep your new generation employees satisfied in their position. After all, one of the keys to keeping your business prosperous is keeping your employees happy. 


I’ve seen a ton of media coverage and HR expert discussion about the degree to which millennial employees expect to be catered to.  People complain about how entitled millennials are, how they’ve been spoiled rotten by participation trophies and feel-good BS.

While there may be some valid complaints about the generation entering the workforce, one fact is clear: we have to learn how to employ, work with, and motivate them.  They are our future workforce.

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