Mother’s Day Statistics and Tips to Help Your Small Business Gain Even More Customers

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Almost every month there is a holiday that you have to prepare your small business for and one that is just around the corner is Mother’s Day. There are a lot of resources that can help you prepare for Mother’s Day and although they all have something you can take from, here is one we found that you can take even more from. Take a look at this great infographic from Bing with stats about ‘Celebrating Modern Moms’ and five ways you can target Mothers Day shoppers for your small business. 

Mother’s Day is fast-approaching in the U.S. With 87 percent of Americans celebrating the holiday, the savviest of small businesses selling Mother’s Day orientated products and services are wisely already starting to market this annual celebration of Moms.

If you’re a small business involved in Mother’s Day in some shape or form, check out the following five ways small businesses can target Mother’s Day shoppers, using data from Bing’s ‘Celebrating Modern Moms’ infographic. Continue Reading

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