It’s Time to Get Your Business Ready for Generation Z

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If you think Millennials are growing fast, take a look closer, Generation Z is creeping up even faster. Find out how much of the population consists of this new generation and why you need to make some changes on how you market to them for your business. Read on and take advantage of their new habits because they are the future. 

According to Nielsen’s new Total Audience report, millennials and Gen-Z now comprise 48 percent of the total media audience. Gen-Z in particular is now the single largest audience segment at 26 percent (although there’s a vast age range).

Because members of Gen-Z are different in key ways from millennials, the demographic shift holds some implications for brands and retail marketers. Gen-Z is defined as those born between 1997 and 2015. The oldest members of the generation are now 20. The oldest millennials are now 37.

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