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It’s no question that freelance businesses deal with a lot of competition. But, what if we told you that you should stop competing and instead start working with your competition? This new article we found explains that instead of freelancers going through the hustle and bustle of trying to get that next gig, they should instead run after their competitors and try to build a community with them where each of you brings a unique expertise that the other doesn’t. For example, if you are a professional landscaper who specializes in plants but no so much in the design, you could get in touch with a company that does and partner with them. This allows you to work together and cross sell which makes it a win-win situation. Sound like a good idea? Read the article below to find out how you can play into this idea and grow your freelance business.

I was working with one my long-time coaching clients recently when she brought up something that happened to her while she was looking for freelancing leads. “I saw how much competition in freelancing there was and I froze,” he said.

The notion of there being too much competition in freelancing has been addressed in the past. Is freelancing more popular than ever? Yes. Are there a lot of people out there trying to get a piece of the freelancing pie? There sure are.

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