How Financing Can Help Your Business This Summer

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Financing is a year-round occurrence—but there are some specific seasonal reasons to get financing for summer. Here are just a few reasons how you can benefit from a small business loan during the summer season.

Prepare for the inevitable heat wave

Summer is hot, and air conditioning becomes essential. Unfortunately, along with that comes an increase in your utility bills.  You know you have to save a bit more to pay them so that cuts into your ability to do everything else for your business. Don’t let that curb your good ideas. A short-term loan is perfect for these instances, you can pay your bills, and keep your cash flow steady allowing you the freedom to run your business to maximize sales.

Market to tourists

Summer means travel, and for your business that means out-of-towners. If your business gets a bit slow during the season because your regulars go on vacation, consider marketing to tourists. You can advertise to them in their own cities, in transportation hubs, or even to their in-town friends and family. Your business doesn’t have to slow down just because of travel schedules. If you drum up interest in new business, you can garner repeat customers year-on-year, capturing the tourists who come to town each summer. All that takes is an increase in your marketing budget, which a merchant loan can provide.

Upgrade your patio

For restaurant owners, when was the last time you thought about your patio? Is it looking a bit worn? Are you maximizing your space? Patios are a great place for your customers to relax this summer and spend time at your restaurant. A quick upgrade of your fixtures, or installing some additional lighting for the evening will not only spruce your patio up a bit but encourage customers to spend more time there—increasing your sales. Who doesn’t enjoy sangria on a warm summer night, hanging out with friends and family? You can ensure your restaurant is where they go if you have a great outdoor seating section. 

Hire more staff

Is summer a busy season for you? Obtain the working capital you need from an alternative lender to hire and train seasonal staff and make the most out of summer sales. With the funds, you can confidently hire the right staff and provide great training for them. Sometimes seasonal hires can become permanent ones so choose wisely and use your funds to pay them well. In as little as one business day, you can have the funds in your account to take on more staff, increasing your sales potential.

Buy more inventory

Anyone in a coastal summer town knows that the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Within minutes a sunny day can turn into a torrential rainstorm—and suddenly, the business that has umbrellas, ponchos, and rain coats is the most important place to go. It’s not too late to boost up your inventory to stock the summer essentials such as BBQ gear, sunscreen, and yes, rain gear. It will increase your sales, and your customers will thank you for it.

Start brainstorming about what you could do to increase business during the summer season and see if a small business loan can help you achieve your goals


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