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When you’re a business owner big or small, the marketing part of your business is probably your bread and butter. Without marketing, your business may not reach its’ potential. So give it all you’ve got and put as much thought into marketing your business as you would all other parts. To help you jump start your marketing efforts here is a great article that maps out the most important aspects of marketing you should focus on for a prosperous 2017. 

Small business owners have an uneasy relationship with marketing. According to a recent study by Vistaprint Digital, only 37.4 percent of small business owners rate spending time on marketing as “very” or “fairly” important. On the other hand, big businesses invest big money in their marketing efforts—with big results that help them dominate many sectors of our economy. Your small business can’t, obviously, match the marketing spend of a Proctor & Gamble or Amazon, but you can match their smarts by focusing on these aspects of a marketing plan in 2017. Continue Reading


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