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Your business’ brand says a lot about who you are and whom you serve. Small business owners are consumers themselves, so when you think of your brand it is essential that you think about the intellectual aspect of your brand ‘s activity. BriteCap wants your business to stand out from its competition and to help you succeed we found this excellent article that explains the 7 elements you need to train your brain to think about in order to maintain a successful business brand. We hope you find it useful. 

As a companion piece to an earlier post about important elements of branding, I felt it apropos to discuss the intellectual aspects of brand activity. Why do I refer to it as brand activity? Because your brand must be active. All of the elements within are actions that keep your brand alive. Thus, because a brand is not a product nor a service, it is necessary to complete the connection between the heart and the head that we all have as people and is illustrated by your brand’s emotional and intellectual essential features.

When you consider branding from this perspective, you will likely notice that as important as affinity and equity are, the place your brand occupies in one’s mind surrounds the feelings that connect people to it. Be sure to remember this particular fact when you contemplate where your brand is and where you want it to be. Continue Reading

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