The Best Bookkeeping Tools for Small Businesses

Best Bookkeeping Tools for Small Businesses
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What’s the best bookkeeping software for your small business? We’ve done the work for you and vetted a few popular tools. Read, review, and be on your merry way to getting your books handled!

Bench gives small businesses a designated bookkeepers and intuitive software to take care of their finances. You will have everything that is necessary to keep their books up-to-date without ever having to worry about, well, anything. gathers your information each month and produces accurate and understandable financial statements. If you connect your accounts to Bench, you can have them synced, and the folks at Bench can automatically pull up your statements. Sounds great, right? They also have methods to obtain your monthly payroll and your merchant statements. Then, Bench gets about the business of doing your bookkeeping. They also make sure your books are tax compliant. All this and more beginning at $115 monthly.

Whether you are looking for assistance on short-term projects or for ongoing support, Paro can supply you with:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Part-time CFO strategy
  • Fundraising support
  • Cash flow management
  • Internal system implementation
  • Risk management, and more

You are matched to small businesses’ top financial analysts, CPAs, and bookkeepers. In short, Paro offers a simple and affordable solution to business strategy and execution. Cost for services varies.

This company uses software to generate the most accurate financial reports possible. The monetary side of a small business can be confusing, but Pilot knows what to do and can answer your questions and give you a dedicated account manager to handle your monthly income and costs. happens to have a heart for startups because this company was a startup itself. Pilot will:

  • Save you time
  • Offer affordable pricing
  • Be a reliable partner
  • Provide stress-free bookkeeping support

The plan starts at $195 a month.


FreshBooks‘ administrators like to say their program is “ridiculously easy to use.” What they mean by that is the plan is not complicated, and the platform is intuitive. Your invoices, statements, and receipts are going to impress your customers. The features include invoicing, organizing expenses, tracking your time, and even tracking expenses like small business loans. FreshBooks uses the cloud to provide you with secure access from your desktop, tablet, and phone. If you want accounting software that allows you to focus on your business, FreshBooks is the way to go. Starting at $15 a month, FreshBooks will sync your bank accounts, issue invoices, and track contractor time.

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