Are you a Small Business Rule Breaker? Get Recognized for Your Innovative Approaches at This Year’s Rule Breaker Awards

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Growing up some parents teach their kids to follow the rules in life, but this doesn’t always stay true when you become an entrepreneur. As a small business owner, sometimes it’s good to bend or even break the rules to get ahead. When done right it sets you apart from the competition and makes you an innovative entrepreneur who should be recognized. Does this already sound like you? If so, start recruiting people to nominate you and your business for this year’s Rule Breaker Awards. Getting your business out there for recognition of your work will help with your public relations and marketing efforts as you grow your business. The article below will help you get started. And if this doesn’t sound like you yet, but sounds like something you want to work towards, read the article so you can prepare for next year. 

The deadline for the Rule Breaker Awards 2017 is quickly approaching. So businesses that pride themselves on doing things their own way instead of following conventional wisdom should make note of a couple important dates. 

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